My Smart PC-I

ME: any mails?
PC: Yes, Mr.Abcd sent you some pictures. I have saved them in picture galeary with ‘Abcd’ as attribute. And this is what he says “Hi …check out my new photos…They are from my America trip.—Abcd”
ME: What about my power bill?
PC: I checked the website yesterday. It is down then. Should I try now?
ME: Yes.. please
PC: You have paid all previous bills. Currently two bills have to be paid…total amount is Rs 1654/-. Pay now?
ME: s
PC: I paid them now.
ME: What else?
PC: We have two internet connections. In that BSNL connection is not working. Shell we trouble-shoot it?
ME: Dont worry. I will check it out.
PC: No problem. Incase u want me to check later you can remind me by saying “check internet connections”.
ME: ok
ME: Am I free tomorrow evening?
PC: I think you have a meeting at 6PM. At 7PM your friend Mr.XYZ will visit you. And dinner with your girl friend at 8PM.
ME: I will go for shopping at 7pm.
PC: From 7PM to?
PC: Should I inform Mr.XYZ that you will not be available at that time to reshedue the visit some other day?
ME: Yes
PC: Okey done.