Success and Failure

Meaning of both words depend on the context. For me there seems to be two contexts.
One is related to business, money, name, power and goals. Another one is related to love, marriage, partner and family.
They are like two different threads running at same time so the context switch happens every time….

I may not be thinking about these if I dont have any problem in both contexts. But its not like that. I cont say it is unfortunate or fortunate. Only future can tell.

At present my though is on this question..”How much do these contexts depend or influence each other? How much they have to?”.
When I examine the history of people who got success…. I hear a mixed results..

Almost all winners surly give credit to some one from his family. Do they really mean that their family members need the credit? Or just giving it as his duty to-words the family?

There are winners from every situation..Some have very lovable family..some have lost every one in running for their goals.

Some time i think…lets get the first one and the second one will build automatically. But history did not show any examples of such kind (except in case of kings and rulers). May be I have not seen may of them…
According to what I understand about my nature I need some one to share my success with. A success with out any one is very hard for me to enjoy.

May be I am too narrow minded..I was not able to expand this need of single partner to all people in the society.
There are great people who did this..May be some day I will get that too…but till then i have to worry about it..

When I spend time getting the second one(love, partner)…first one seems to be going far from me..
I cont say i have bad luck. I am very lucky to have what i am having now.
But still…there is not end to the list na. I am still human..:-)

May be i dont have patience to wait as long as i have to…Cont say anything…
One of the main problem with my mentality is….”I dont find people to compare with me”. I have been different every since I know about me. So that didn’t left me any one around me to compare with..I have been taking decision with out seeing any one(i mean not at lease people i see around me, I surly take people i read about as examples) till now.

Do you understand what I am writing about? I am not sure myself.

Competition kills Innovation?

Sunday morning I got an idea of making a electronic gas control switch with good features like timer, auto cut off etc for our normal house hold gas stove. We all have experienced many incidents of over boiling, forgetting some thing kept on it etc.

This switch I think will not cost more than Rs750/- to make. When i asked my mom about at what price will u buy it? ..she said around Rs2000/-. I didn’t expect that. They know the need of it. We dont cook na. They do. I think they can judge it better than us. So why not make a product and release it?

I talked to my bro about it. He said once you make it every one will copy it. and that will drop the price and eventually you will not make even 15% returns out of it. May be he is true…But i am very unhappy on this situation. Do we need to stop innovation due to such situations? Do all those crores of women have to suffer with the so called present gas stove?

Forget about my Idea. Why didn’t any gas stove manufacturer didn’t came up with such thing. People are going for expensive microwaves etc because of such basic needs of auto turnoff, timer etc.? Am I missing some point here?

I dont think there will be any security issues. I think it improves security. Is any of you interested in this? Can we make a business out of it?

OS of the future

According to my views the OS which ultimately has to replace other OS’s in future have to have to following properties.

  • Dynamically Expandable at any time
  • Should be enabled with Network Knowledge(the word I choose to describe the ability to ‘digitize, use, share the knowledge of all people connected to network)
  • Programs should be integrated with OS. (you can not launch a program. OS will choose the program depending on the work it has to do for you)
  • Programs are dynamic. (New versions get installed automatically. New programs are installed when needed)
  • Programs are just made for you. (As they are dynamic…they will most probably made by one who have just same requirement as yours.)
  • All programs are interconnected.. (As they will be part of the OS.. all are designed to take advantage of others)
  • Programs dont hold any data. only OS handles all data (So that integrity between programs can be preserved)
  • OS is totally adaptable, user centric.
  • All adaptations are shared and ranked. So are the programs, developers, GUI.
  • Dont do things manually. Just tell it. It will do most of things.
  • Programs are not big like MS OFFICE. they are mostly small piece of code(<1kb) which understands just one or two words that the user is saying and just knows how to act for that command.
  • Never re-invent the wheel (this is most important thing. The present system completely failed at this point)