OS of the future

According to my views the OS which ultimately has to replace other OS’s in future have to have to following properties.

  • Dynamically Expandable at any time
  • Should be enabled with Network Knowledge(the word I choose to describe the ability to ‘digitize, use, share the knowledge of all people connected to network)
  • Programs should be integrated with OS. (you can not launch a program. OS will choose the program depending on the work it has to do for you)
  • Programs are dynamic. (New versions get installed automatically. New programs are installed when needed)
  • Programs are just made for you. (As they are dynamic…they will most probably made by one who have just same requirement as yours.)
  • All programs are interconnected.. (As they will be part of the OS.. all are designed to take advantage of others)
  • Programs dont hold any data. only OS handles all data (So that integrity between programs can be preserved)
  • OS is totally adaptable, user centric.
  • All adaptations are shared and ranked. So are the programs, developers, GUI.
  • Dont do things manually. Just tell it. It will do most of things.
  • Programs are not big like MS OFFICE. they are mostly small piece of code(<1kb) which understands just one or two words that the user is saying and just knows how to act for that command.
  • Never re-invent the wheel (this is most important thing. The present system completely failed at this point)