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Humans? So what?

July 6th, 2006 Comments off
  • We eat, drink, move do all animals
  • We(many of us) have do some animals
  • We(most) mate for do some animals
  • We have likes and dislikes…so do all animals
  • We have societies, casts….so do ants and bees
  • We go on war…so do most animals and insects
  • We build houses and colonies….so do ants and bees
  • We give birth and die….So do all living things
  • We have brain,heart,legs, etc…so do all animals
  • We are big…So do elephents
  • We can run and swim…so do dogs
  • We have male and female….so do most of living things
  • We do job to earn food…so do all house hold animals

But we think..and we think about thinking.. and nothing else do..
Thats why we are humans…be human.. start thinking..

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Ignorence and Knowledge

July 6th, 2006 Comments off

In the recent days my mind has gone through a different phase..
I was troubled by the new facts that I came to realise in recent years.. It is about ignorence and knowledge and their significence in our life.

Previously I used to think that the more knowledge you have the more you enjoy.
But i found it totally wrong. Its like a half sign wave…X-axis= Knowledge, Y-axis=Enjoyment
It starts at 0, to the max and then to 0.

When you are at first 0 u feel that knowledge is life…
After reaching max…and on the return side…u feel that ignorence is life.
It may be surprise to hear that ignorence is life…
But I can say some points to justify that statement..

  • You need to ignore the fact that “You are an animal” to have a family
  • You need to ignore the fact that “there is no god” to satisfy your
  • Ignore the fact that “There is no life after death” to have a good society
  • Ignore the fact that “all mental reactions are chemical” for not sounding like a mad man

I can say many such… So let me find life…did i lost it? I hope not…

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