Humans? So what?

  • We eat, drink, move do all animals
  • We(many of us) have do some animals
  • We(most) mate for do some animals
  • We have likes and dislikes…so do all animals
  • We have societies, casts….so do ants and bees
  • We go on war…so do most animals and insects
  • We build houses and colonies….so do ants and bees
  • We give birth and die….So do all living things
  • We have brain,heart,legs, etc…so do all animals
  • We are big…So do elephents
  • We can run and swim…so do dogs
  • We have male and female….so do most of living things
  • We do job to earn food…so do all house hold animals

But we think..and we think about thinking.. and nothing else do..
Thats why we are humans…be human.. start thinking..

Ignorence and Knowledge

In the recent days my mind has gone through a different phase..
I was troubled by the new facts that I came to realise in recent years.. It is about ignorence and knowledge and their significence in our life.

Previously I used to think that the more knowledge you have the more you enjoy.
But i found it totally wrong. Its like a half sign wave…X-axis= Knowledge, Y-axis=Enjoyment
It starts at 0, to the max and then to 0.

When you are at first 0 u feel that knowledge is life…
After reaching max…and on the return side…u feel that ignorence is life.
It may be surprise to hear that ignorence is life…
But I can say some points to justify that statement..

  • You need to ignore the fact that “You are an animal” to have a family
  • You need to ignore the fact that “there is no god” to satisfy your
  • Ignore the fact that “There is no life after death” to have a good society
  • Ignore the fact that “all mental reactions are chemical” for not sounding like a mad man

I can say many such… So let me find life…did i lost it? I hope not…