Humans? So what?

  • We eat, drink, move do all animals
  • We(many of us) have do some animals
  • We(most) mate for do some animals
  • We have likes and dislikes…so do all animals
  • We have societies, casts….so do ants and bees
  • We go on war…so do most animals and insects
  • We build houses and colonies….so do ants and bees
  • We give birth and die….So do all living things
  • We have brain,heart,legs, etc…so do all animals
  • We are big…So do elephents
  • We can run and swim…so do dogs
  • We have male and female….so do most of living things
  • We do job to earn food…so do all house hold animals

But we think..and we think about thinking.. and nothing else do..
Thats why we are humans…be human.. start thinking..