Number blocking in cell phone

Cell phone have became a commodity these days. Every one have one. No mater how smart these cell phone manufacturers are I still see there is a feature that they can add.

Every one of us use IM and E-mail. All such software have blocking list. If u get a IM or mail from one person in your blocked list..your software will automatically block it and may delete it also.

Then why not there is such a feature in the CELL PHONE.

Why I am not able to block any number? This feature works just like IM softwares. When ever u get a call from any such number it will automatically reject the call.

Ironically there is no need of any hardware change. It is just a software that dose all these.. Then why they have not came up with such thing yet?

I may have seen around 15 to 20 different models of phones till now. None of them have this small feature till now as far as i can remember. Do your phone have this feature?

If you are working in a company that makes cell phones ..make sure that ur next phone to have it..its your duty.

If you have any good reason ..please let me know..

ATMs in 1900

No, There are no ATMs in 1900. But it seems like the makers of ATM machines are still there itself.
It appears like some one made a machine long back..and these people are just making copies of it.
Dispite all the technological changes and changes to user habits I see no improvements in the ATM machines.

Some of the dumbest things i have noticed are……

  • Why is it asking about our account type?(Current & Savings)
  • Why is it asking us to press “Balance” button to know our balance? Is it not supposed show the balance after we press the PIN?
  • Why are they putting advertisements in the screens when they are supposed to perform user functions fastly and give it to another person behind him? First of all have any one saw any ad in the screen? All we are looking for is information about our account. Not those funny things. They can put them all on the walls of ATM center?
  • Why is it not showing our balance while we try to withdraw?
  • Why we need to wait for another screen to know that we dont have sufficient balance while we try to withdraw some? They can do the realtime checking of the available amount before we go to next page itself. Like a HTML form validation..

If any of you know correct reason for above things..please let me know. If it is just because they are sooo dumb… lets make sure that we are not one of them..