Be carefull

  • Never talk anything when a person is in a dying condition. Most of the time they will recover..and They will remember every single word u said.
  • Never assume that anesthesia will stop a person from hearing or seeing. Never say or do anything which will hurt them if they are awake.. One scientific research have showed that they hear everything..And can remember them with a help of hypnotist.
  • It would be good if same kind of carefulness is maintained with a person sleeping.

Life is not enough…?

From last 1 year I am getting a feeling that there are so much I wanted to do. But unable to do them because I dont have time to do. In simple words I feel like My Life is not enough to sustain my desires.

May be this also inspired our people long back from which they derived the theory of rebirth. May be they used to say to people like me..”Don’t worry…do what ever you can do now..and rest of things u can do in next life”.

I was just kidding.. But this explanation looks fine to my problem, unless I say that I don’t believe in after life.

How can u believe in such a thing when you are not sure… So that solution doesn’t work for me.

Another solution is extend your life. How? Live long enough to do what ever I want to do.

Easy to say..But There are 2 problems with it. 1) Living long is not so easy 2) I dont want to wait.

Hmm…the answer came to me is that you can extend your life by having some trusted asistents for you.

Many people in history have such assistants (I hope). But I dont have that capability of handling them good to satisfy them in all cases.

So finally i came to the conclution is long enough… other easy way.

So Just yesterday I started reading a book called “Fantastic Voyage”¬† where the author says many ways in which we can live long enough to live forever.

If you have any solutions..please let me know. I will come back with the most interesting facts that I find in that book.

Why are we learning telugu in school?

I have been thinking on this issue from long time. Till now have not found any reasonable explanation till now.

Why do we need to learn our mother tongue?

I don’t mean we should start talking in English or Hindi. But my question is why we need to have a subject to teach the language which we already know? Why are we wasting our valuable time reading things which are of no use in this world?

One of the most striking response to this question is “How can u say that this is not use full?”
But for me the answer seems simple and obvious. The question looks like “How can you say that the dust in the dustbin is useless?”. Nothing is useless if u take it in that way. But the general meaning of useless is “Something not worth keeping or learning or buying etc”.

I have asked my mother who have got double M.A in Telugu (Of course she doesn’t know any thing u expect from her M.A’s) the following questions..

  1. Why we need to learn “Sandhulu & Samasalu”?
  2. How dose that learning will help any one? even a poet?
  3. If all the essence of the Telugu teaching is to learn new words and meanings isn’t there any alternative and best way to do so?

She was not able to answer that question. I will ask this question to some teacher who is teaching Telugu.

Do you have any answer  to my questions? Can you proove that they are not useless?

If u know any teacher then ask the same question and let me know the reply.