Context Based Intelegence

One of my recent idea is to implement a simple “context based intelligence”(CBI) powered software.
It is my long term dream to see intelligent systems around us. Every day I am getting very unhappy with our progress with almost dumb systems we presently use.

I have written an article long back about next version of OS. And my new idea of CBI may take me one step near to my dream.
It works like this….
Say for a task of designing a website with no graphics.
If the users tells the computer how to design (similarly how he tells the designer to do it..) he may need around 100 words to convey his thoughts.
If number of meaning full and context based sentences may be around 10,000. Not more than those sentences are possible in the task of website designing.
If every word (in the 100) have a properties, actions, attached to it..we/the computer can conclude the meaning of each sentence in 10,000 words. So in affect we are actualy telling the computer what we want and it is poerforming the task for us.

At present we dont have any such ability. We need to do what we want. And some tasks are so complex to do it for any person who is not a professional desingner. But if common language interface is possible with CBI then surely it will be having more target audience than what all other software do.

This CBI can be applied to any contaxt and the final task becomes very small. Because in each context there wont be more than 100 words to process. And we think we can tell meaning of 100 words to the computer…

We are not trying make it understand what we mean.. We are trying it to do what we mean. (it means computer)
You dont need to understand some thing to do it..because ultimatly it is our programmers only who are doing….
We are just giving more complex commands and arguments…nothing else.