My ideas about life with partner

When we ask some one what are the most important things for you.. most of the people will include their partners in to them. It is very common and natural too. Because we spend almost all our time with them. There may be some exceptional people in some exceptional situations..

Life with a partner is one of my favorite topics about which I am very interested to talk or think.  May be it is because I still don’t have one yet (…officially).

When ever I see any married people my mind constantly keeps notice of
How they behave to each other
Are there any problems? if there are, what are they?
How they are planing to solve them?
Are there any unsolvable problems?
How did they get the problem first of all?
Did they came into existence after marriage or did the problems exist even before?
Why did not they thought about them…or did they ignored them?

Like this I will be keep tracking them when ever possible. Unfortunately my family structure or environment did not allow me to get much details from members of the family. I feel it very uncomfortable to talk on these issues with my brother or sister. Even when I do talk I dont feel like I am getting the actual picture.

I do try to get such information from little friends, relatives. But here we cont get all the information. Even with these limited information I feel like I can learn some thing…learn how to make my life happy.

Even thought I never planed about exactly what to do when I am married, I have some ideas. I do get these ideas when I see a need to solve some future problem with my partner. I never noted them before.

But from today I will be making those ideas available on my blog. So that I can refer to them later and I can get some response about those from my friends and family members.

For me I don’t see any one have thought and planed about life with partner before they actually got married. Seems silly statement? May be.. But I am not talking about financial plan or plan about number of children etc…I am talking about a over all plan.. May be every one do..and don’t express such thoughts..?? (is it? i am not sure)

Anyway I should plan…Wait…What about my partner? What if they dont agree with my plan? Fine…I will make sure they are 100%  satisfied with my plan before marriage.

What if my plan needs changes? What if our preferences change? hmm…..this is very difficult thing to solve. There must be provisions for change. Without change there is no life… Life is all about change.. So change is inevitable.

Lets clarify what this plan is about and what it is not about…

My Plan is not like constitution. Its hard to change constitution. But my plan is.
It is not about how to live together. But it is about how to be happy when you are together.
This plan is not for a single person of the family..But it is for a pair. Both partners need to know and feel that they understand it well.. otherwise there may not be much use.

Even thought I dont know what to write here..I can categorise the topics easily…Lets call them cahapters. (May be after some time It may get published as a book? Dont laugh…If it is good enough then there is much chance for that.. I never know any person who wrote a book about this before his marriage.. so it must be special in’t it?)

So the chapters will be

  1. Need of partner
  2. Aims of marriage (or living together)
  3. Likes and dislikes
  4. Life is fun, family is heaven (no..not yet..lets make)
  5. Problem Resolution
  6. When to break (yes, you read it correct)
  7. Change it

I cont start with chapter 1 and start writing upto 7, I am not a writer after all.. So when ever i get a point to write i will clasify it into following chapters and will write with its heading + a number..

Keep watching for innovative ideas and views … It may change the way you behave…(I don’t promise…)