Why earth rotates around it self?

From today I will find one are more questions every day which I should be known by default but dose not.

And I will try to find the answer myself. Before leaving I will find the answer on internet. These are very simple questions. So today’s question is..
Dose Moon rorate around it self? 🙂

Why dose Earth rotate around itself when sun and moon do not? Can you answer the question without refering to wikipedia? Try ..if you can let me know…

I got this quesiton when I saw full moon infront of me when I am going to gym today. First I got dounbt how it is possible.. Then I imagined our sun, earth moon once ..and i got the answer.. yes. its possible (You may say that you have seen this 1000’s of times.. But the question here is have u questioned it.. If you did then fine. )