Ever wondered what 40,000 software developers can do?

Unfortunately they can only produce just single website called eBay. Thats true. eBay got 40,000 developers and they are adding 100,000 lines of code every two weeks.

If those many software developers are working under me, I would have replaced all this software we use and replace with artificial intelligent software which will do every task we normally require( OS, Email, Messaging, Collaboration, Security, Office Applications, Databases, Enterprise Management systems etc etc.)

I personally feel that that is the future of computers. There wont be any softwares in that systems that we presently know.

Only one software and it is dynamic. It will evolve its capabilities of doing each task. It learns any unknown task from some one else. U talk to the computer. You will not type. OR you just need to imagine, no need to talk also. Even though such input devices seem to far, I don’t see such softwares as too far.

40,000 could have replaced all known software applications (excluding scientific and mathematical algorithms).

I will do prove it one day…