HTML to XML exporter

This XML exporter will take 2 inputs. One is a HTML file or URL and another one is a Template/Specification/Script file.

This exporter will use the information specified in the the 2nd Input (What ever u may call it), and parse the first HTML file and export the resulting data in to the XML file.

Example Case 1) You want to make an XML file with URL’s from the search result from any word. Now normal you will get the HTML file with all the HTML formating, Advertisements, Headings, Images etc etc.

But our requirements is to have the just URL’s in to the XML file. So the 1st input will be the URL of the search query. 2nd input will describe the section of the output and the its corresponding map to the XML tags.

We know how the 1st Input will be and what to do. Now the problem of the project is to design the format and function of the 2nd Input file(Template/Spec/Script) in such a way that you can specify what to do with the input and how you want the output in it.

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