Fortunate? or Unfortunate?

Today I came to know that the project I was doing from last 3 months have to be stopped and all the time and investment in it is gone. It is because some other people have done before us and we cont compete with them. I don’t know what to feel.

My personality says that these are common and we should not feel bad about them. So I am not much worried about it. But there is another point to it. How many such failures can I face? Financially it is not much setback. But mentally it seems to have some impact.

May be I was fortunate for not loosing more that what I lost now. If I came to know the news after 2 months, then I will loose double the present amount.

While starting all these projects my view is same. Think 1000, plan 100, Try 10 at least 1 will be success. I think I tried just 3. And the result of main one is still pending. So I should keep trying many things.. And I will do…