Love and Rationality

I never though that a day will come where I need to choose between these two. But it seems like it has came. For many people the definition of love is complex. For me it was same from last 5 years. It is a relation which extends ‘like’ to many folds.

Till now I always preferred to have both. Rationality and love. Rationality is my Identity. That is what I am. If some thing is not rational I always try not to associate myself with it.

At the same time no one can deny the impotence of love or emotions. Rationality is recently invented. emotions and love are there with us from thousands of years. Some times they both co-exist with each other, and some times they don’t. They look like opposing forces.

I feel like love is like a glass, and rationality is like steel.

You can build great things with glass but as long as they are not based on rationality a small stone can destroy it. Similarly u can build great things with steel. Even though they are great…they wont look as beautifully as glass things look. Only when they both co-exist you can build what ever you want out of this life.