Test to patience

I am going through a very tough time. I may face even greater problems in future. But till now this is the biggest problem I faced. Never saw anyone for so long struggling to gain health and crying when they are not looking any improvements.

Really life is crazy… We don’t know the value of things which we already have. Once we lost them, then only we will realize its importance.

Some unfortunate people like me get all the problems at one time.

It seems like a joke. People join for silly reasons and separate for silly reasons. People change so radically that you cont even predict. Every thing seems fine up to one time..and suddenly every thing changes.

The reason for playing the game will change depending on your win or loss.

I thought I have no problems. Life is so beautiful and happy. Thought if god comes and give a wish.. I would ask to be as I am. Then suddenly forced to face two biggest problems.

Will I be able to face them? Will I be able to keep my relations intact? only time will answer these questions.