Who is responsible for someone’s suicide?

Today I have read an article in The Hindu about a suicide of a software employee. The reason they say is that he was humiliated by his colleagues. So what will be the fate of his colleagues now? I am not sure what the law says. But I think there will be case against those colleagues.

I do agree that due to his suicide his family will suffer. They might be angry at his colleagues.

But I strongly object any kind of case or police action against his colleagues. The factors that influence a suicide includes..

  •  The family, the parents, and the way he was grownup in home and school
  • The environment(from child hood to now)
  • Any mental abnormalities due to pure medical reasons
  • Any physical abnormalities which can cause extreme behaviors

There are people who can survive any kind of pressure, humiliation, pain, etc and still continue to live their life. We need to ask why didn’t they commit suicide? It is because of the way he was grownup.

Now why this tech guy has committed suicide? Lets consider another example..

Today I humiliated 2 of my employees. Now one of them went home and committed suicide. Lets consider who’s responsibility it is to avoid such situation. Humiliation is a natural in this world. Every second Crores of people will be being humiliated for some reasons. If it is I must be punished then all of them must be punished.

Right or Wrong judgment of an action should not  depend on the outcome of the action. That mean If I want to kill some one and tried to kill I must be punished no mater if I was successful in doing so or not. That means The action itself is sin, not the outcome of the action. Unfortunately our legal systems are not evolved to this high level of judgment.

I think most of the people them self are not evolved to accept this.

Similarly in above case the parents and the family members should also be punished for making him vulnerable to such an incident.