jQuery & The way it was never used

2 days back I have seen an amazing Google Tech Talk in which Dmitri Gaskin introduced about JQuery. It was almost like a shock for me after seeing him. He is just 12. I felt so dumb.
In-case if you have not seen it, here it is.


Anyway I felt happy when I realized that we can use JQuery’s advanced short code to extract data from various web pages easily. Till now I have written so many programs in various languages to extract data from HTML files. But no program is similar to any other. It is due to the fact that each page has its only layout and the data I need to extract are different every time.Now using jQuery and HTML tool-kits like Cobra we can easily extract data from any HTML file without using regular expressions.

I wanted to develop an library which uses jQuery and Cobra’s API and extract information from HTML file using a standard specification. This specification will address where and what information to be extracted, and the result will be objects of the data. I have this dream from long back. But jQuery may help it get started. Thank you jQuery.