What I expect from LOKSATTA?


The Following information should have been in the party website.

  • What are different roles in the party? And who is working on which role?
  • Who manages different Online Communities of party?
  • What are their role in the party organization structure?
  • Who are the candidates contested on the party ticket in this elections?
  • What are the background of those candidates?
  • What is the selection process of those candidates? On what bases they are selected?
  • What is the party budget? What happened to every rupee donated by people?
  • How the party is getting its every rupee? And where it is spending?(Every transaction)
  • Where is party calendar?(with all events)

I know, these are tough questions. You may start asking me or even shouting at me. But think, don’t you need this information? You need resources to put all this information online? I think we have more IT people in party than other parties.

Democracy and its problem

Please read this article by keeping the following things in mind.

  • I am not criticizing the democracy
  • I am not in favour of any other system other than democracy

The biggest problem I have seen so far is..in democracy every one is same.

Take for instance the vote of our RBI Governor, or Indian President and a vote of some person working the fields, uneducated. never went to school, who votes for the person who gives more money. Now both of them have equal power. No other point in life of those people they will have equal power. Only when it comes to voting in general elections, they both have equal power.

It is abviously not the right system. I agree that there is no better solution which I know. But are we all sure that there can not be any better solution? I will keep thinking about it when I have time. What do you think?

Finding DHCP Server

Normally I use my MacBook at home and some times in office also. It is configured for DHCP in both places.

But today when I started MacBook in office I found that I am unable to connect to net. Found that I am using IP number of series 169.*.*.* which is not what I expected. It should be in the series of 192.168.*.*

I tried renewing the DHCP lease. But in vain. Same IP is coming again. Finally decided that it is the problem with the DCHP Server.

But there is no way to find the DCHP server that allocated that wrong IP number. I search for 15 min then finally I found the command in a website.

ipconfig getoption en1 server_identifier

BTW this command only works in Mac. Here en1 is the network interface.

Then I found that my DHCP Server is actually down at that point. So that number which I got is allocated by the OS by default. Not the problem of DHCP Server. I started the server and renewed the IP and every thing worked perfectly.