What I expect from LOKSATTA?


The Following information should have been in the party website.

  • What are different roles in the party? And who is working on which role?
  • Who manages different Online Communities of party?
  • What are their role in the party organization structure?
  • Who are the candidates contested on the party ticket in this elections?
  • What are the background of those candidates?
  • What is the selection process of those candidates? On what bases they are selected?
  • What is the party budget? What happened to every rupee donated by people?
  • How the party is getting its every rupee? And where it is spending?(Every transaction)
  • Where is party calendar?(with all events)

I know, these are tough questions. You may start asking me or even shouting at me. But think, don’t you need this information? You need resources to put all this information online? I think we have more IT people in party than other parties.