What is possible..and what are we doing?

I came across an article about Firefox having tabs on the top like Chrome in next version.

While reading it, I was thinking… Why are we discussing about this at all? Can’t present Firefox be changed by the end users in what ever way they like? No mater where we show the tabs, I don’t think any of the other functionality of the browser or the components in the toolbar change.

So why our software is being designed in such a way that we need to wait for an year to just change the tabs from one place to another place, but for anyone with little common sense it looks like, such things should be possible with 1 or 2 minutes of user customization.

Software Development is still stuck in its early stages. It did not grow up in anyway. They are just finding faster ways of doing things, easier ways of writing code. But I strongly believe the optimization should be done on how easier for user to change. Software should adapt to users. Not the other way around.

People are happy with stupid enhancements like remembering passwords, history auto fill etc. But the developers have totally forgot that there are much more to an user than that.

I am sure, I am definitely going to change this. Keep watching.

White Poisons

  1. Sugar
  2. Salt
  3. White Rice (or similar items)

I have decided to reduce the consumption of these three items in my food. First I started with Sugar. I have stopped eating all sweets. Reduced sugar mix in milk from 3 spoon to 1 spoon. I have made this reduction gradually like 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1. I am very satisfied with my ability to reduce that sugar consumption.

Salt any extra salt I normally used to eat with curd is totally stopped. So no extra Salt from my side. Now I may need to convince my curry point to reduce the salt use.

I was not able to reduce the White Rice consumption since I started this trend. But hope fully I will start reducing it from now. It is easy to reduce slowly. May be one spoon per week reduction?

If any one is interested in joining me in this trend let me know. We can have a small competition with each other to help us avoid these 3 white poisons.