Why not more than one number on a SIM?

I am wondering why are they are not giving more than one Phone Number for a single SIM card?

From what I understand, your number is just what they have in backend. It is nothing to do with the communication between you and your cell phone tower.

So they can give multiple number and any call to any number will be redirected to same call phone. Is it not possible? Hey any tele-communication guys over here?

If it is already existing, then I think I would have had at least 3 numbers.

  • One for family
  • One for business
  • One for social

Not only me, I think crores of people in this country will need more than one number. As of now they have to carry these many phones or buy Dual SIM phones.

Telephone operators can change more money for the existing resources they are giving. Just software change, and get some millions.