When did you last tell ‘Sorry’?

While watching one of the youtube videos, I realized some thing that I did miss in my life.  That is art of telling “Sorry”.

I am not talking about saying “Sorry” to a girl friend, or wife. But telling sorry to some one else. I tried to remember when I told some one else sorry. Even though I have very poor memory of what I did in my child hood, I can say for sure that I never told some one sorry.

I might have told some times to my employees, that too just because I might have shouted at them unnecessarily.

I believe that it is some thing our parents forgot to teach us. I don’t blame my mother for it. May be no one have thought her in the first place.

In that video, a Pakistani girl says ‘ham mafi chahthe hai’ (We seek forgiveness) for using wrong words in the debate. That spontaneous response from her, when no one is asking her to say sorry, is really an eye opening for me.

I don’t remember using the word ‘forgive’ or its equivalent word in any language ever.

I am very very impressed by the way those girls have talked. It has a very beautiful and meaningful song also. You should watch it.