P2P Internet and a possible better future

Internet is like a telephone line. We send data, we receive data. In telephone if we call others, we pay. But we don’t pay for receiving calls. Why can not we put the same for Internet too?

I am trying to explore this option a bit more.. I do not have all information. Anyone having more information, please contact me.

This is how the future looks based on what I said.

  • Your ISP IP 2 Your ISP IP all data traffic is absolutely free at 10mbps. (example only)
  • Your ISP IP 2 Any other Indian ISP IP data transfer rate is 2mbps (1Rs per GB).
  • Your ISP IP 2 International IP data transfer 512kbps and (Rs10 per GB)

What will we get out of it? You will get lower internet bills, higher internet speed. Free video calling between your friends and family. Traffic out of India gets reduced, India gets more internet servers, we put servers in India rather than in US.

Do you see any down side? Let me know.

How to fight with your enemy?

Before we begin, we need to know who is that enemy? According to me most people’s number one enemy is sick or decease).

If there is one wish I can ask some one who can grant me anything, I will ask the one and only one thing. That is do not let me need a doctor ever.

If there is one place I never want to go, it is Hospital. I am not saying this because I don’t like the smell in hospital, but I don’t want to be there. Not for me and not for any one I know.

There is one fundamental human tendency I have noticed in my many years of observing people. We forget. Our memories are very limited. We forget intentionally. And because of this one nature alone we get sick 90% of times.

When is the last time you got sick? And what are the feelings that you had at that time. Did you enjoy being sick? I am sure most of you will not enjoy. And I think it is probably correct to assume that you really hated being sick.

Do we know why you got sick last time? If you do, do you know what you need to do for not getting sick again? If you even know that, can I assume that you will never get sick again intentionally?

Okey, enough questions. Now to the knowledge.

People get sick for 3 reasons(95% of time)

  1. What we eat
  2. What we do not eat
  3. When we sleep

The percentage may vary depending on your habits, environment. But those will be the primary cause of getting sick.

Your body is like a Country. There is a constitution. There are laws that change little from time to time. There is a big defense organization and a economy.

If we do what ever we like without thinking that there is a law, you know what will happen. Soon we will end up in jail and the total country will be at the bottom of the development charts.

What We Eat

Most of killing diseases like Cancer, Heart diseases, Diabetes etc are caused mainly by what we eat. You eat deep fries, you get cancer, you eat lot of unhealthy oil food to get heart diseases, eat what ever you get your hands on to get diabetes.

Next time you eat some thing just as one question, will it make you healthy? or unhealthy? If it is the later, then do not eat it.

What We Do Not Eat

To maintain our healthy body we need some minimum stuff like 2000 calories of food which consist of carbohydrates, fat, protein. And the proportions of those 3 also very important. Along with these we need some vitamins, minerals. That is all we need. Most of decease we get due to not eating something is because we forget Vitamins and Minerals. Luckily I have a remedy. Take supplements. They are easy to buy, cheep to use every day.

When We Sleep

Our body always tries to find a rhythm in your activity. And it will always trying to adjust to that rhythm. If you do not have any rhythm, then it will always struggle to adjust to that, and will cause you sick.

Make sure your timings of Sleep and eating are always in rhythm.

Not only staying in rhythm, we need to make sure that the timings are within the limits of your body natural capabilities. Sleeping 10hr or 4hr is bad. Every one needs around 6to 8hrs of sleep per day. There are scientifically proved times of sleep. Make sure that you are not awake at that time. There are times for no-sleep(9AM, 5PM) etc.

I hope these tips help you in staying healthy and happy. Feel free to ask me anything.

I can proudly say that I have not been absent from my office for any one complete day due to sickness in last 3 years.