P2P Internet and a possible better future

Internet is like a telephone line. We send data, we receive data. In telephone if we call others, we pay. But we don’t pay for receiving calls. Why can not we put the same for Internet too?

I am trying to explore this option a bit more.. I do not have all information. Anyone having more information, please contact me.

This is how the future looks based on what I said.

  • Your ISP IP 2 Your ISP IP all data traffic is absolutely free at 10mbps. (example only)
  • Your ISP IP 2 Any other Indian ISP IP data transfer rate is 2mbps (1Rs per GB).
  • Your ISP IP 2 International IP data transfer 512kbps and (Rs10 per GB)

What will we get out of it? You will get lower internet bills, higher internet speed. Free video calling between your friends and family. Traffic out of India gets reduced, India gets more internet servers, we put servers in India rather than in US.

Do you see any down side? Let me know.