Do we really need a Degree?

Many people have asked me this question and many are thinking to ask… So I want to summarize my opinion in this post.

By ‘Degree’ I mean a BTech, BE, MTech, MBA etc. These are 4 things that people think they will get by having a degree.

  1. Job
  2. Knowledge
  3. Enjoyment
  4. Degree itself

lets me explain each of these.


People think that they will get job only when they have a degree. This is true for some people. But it is not true for all of them. There are jobs which does not require any Degree. There are jobs which are based on skill, and not based on written paper.


This is a myth. People think that they will get knowledge when they study a formal Degree. That is what they think when they start. But when they finished, they will think that they don’t know anything. I have talked so many people in atleast IT domain. They have finished MCAs, BTEch etc without any understanding of what they did and why they did. What they can learn from 6 months of JOB they can not learn in 4 years of BTech course.

There will be some 5% of people who may got some knowledge, and I am sure you are not one of them.


There might be some truth here. Because most of the people whom I have taken interviews, did nothing for knowledge. So they should have really spent all their time in ‘Masthi’. So it is a good way to enjoy 4 years of you life without worrying anything about the outside world.

Degree Itself

I mean the paper that says you have a degree. There are so many people out there, who wants to do degree just because every one is doing. If people are doing what every one is doing, we should still be using stones to create fire. But world moves forward when you start thinking and make informed decisions.

When every one is doing some thing because all others are doing, then that society is going to die in near future.

Now let me explain why you should not do degree if you do not have one already.

  • You are already reading my blog, so you are in good enough position to take proper decisions. If you are not well informed, then following others is good. But that is not the case here.
  • People read just to pass exams. And do nothing for knowledge. So why to choose to write exam in first place.
  • You can save lot of money(min 4 lakh) in 4 years. And for some people that is bigger than their total asset.
  • You can get 4 years of upstart experience, which is again much bigger asset than anything else.
  • You can mold your career in a proper direction from starting itself, which will make your life more happy.
  • Doing a business is much more than doing a MBA. So go ahead and start a business if you want to do MBA.