Friendship Interview

Recently I got an interesting(or stupid) idea. If there is any interview that you would like to take to select a candidate to be your friend, what kind of questions will we ask?

Even thought I kept thinking about it a bit, did not get enough list in mind to start writing. But now, I want to make this list, so that I can present it to some one and make some friend(if it works)

Let us assume that we don’t know the person at all and this is the first time we are talking. Let us also assume that this interview is being done online in a chat or email. More restrictions make this interesting? I think so.

Here is my list of questions.. Lets see if I can declare a person as worthy as a friend just from answers to these questions.

  1. Who are your top 5 friends and why?
    I have seen people who call anyone they know as friends. Good for them. But my definition of friendship is not that broad. The question of ‘Why’ makes it really important. Many people think that friendship does not expect anything in return. But I do not agree. For me, there must be some use of being some one as friend. Over some time period that use may grow or reduce. Depending on that we talk to them. We may still say that he/she is your friend. Actually what we mean is he/she was your friend. Those reasons really explain to me what that person is expecting from others. The kind of existing friends give me hint if they will like me as a friend.
  2. Do you read books? What kind of books?
    Books are really important for me. Even though I don’t read too many books, I do read some and I believe that there is a really good chance that some one who reads books(a decent amount) makes a good friend for me. The kind of books they read gives lot of hints into their mindset.
  3. What is your opinion on God? And how strong are you on your opinion?
    I would better not explain why I am asking this question.
  4. If you can have 5 wishes and you will get what you will ask for, What would you really ask?
    Even though it looks silly, for me it tells a lot.
  5. When did you last change yourself? And why?
    It is difficult to explain why I am asking this.

Now the question is, who will read all this and care to answer me such complex and long questions. I don’t know, who have that much patience these days.  And what will they get from my friendship? Hopefully they have an idea of what to expect from some one.

If any one have such list, I am happy to answer them for you. Send me your list.

If I find that answers to these questions are not enough, then I will put my second round of interview.


Random Thoughts

Lot of thoughts went through mind today. About almost every thing in life, like money, fame, life, death, love, marriage, beauty, girls, coding, opportunities, interesting ideas, future visions, cricket, movies, health, company and relations.

Don’t know what to write here, but there is a lot to talk, and can not talk here.

I think most of the people need some one to talk all these things about. I have to find more people to talk. Need more people who can talk all these with me.

May be if you can talk to some one about all this, then I think you can call him friend. I do have some people to talk all this, do you?