After all we are slaves to our stupid minds

Even if you are a Prime Minister, or Chief Minister or even world class cricket player who ever you might me, you are slave to your stupid mind. The reason why I call it stupid is it acts in a way that can not be explained logically. And I am saying ‘stupid’ based on average of all of us.

Today is a good day. Today I could identify so many people whom we used to think great about acting like cowards.

In response to the death of the so called ‘Saibaba’ PM said the following..

  • Country have lost a great person. He should be ideal for every one.

I really do not understand why he is great person. Even for some reason he is a great person, how can the prime minister expect him to be ideal for every one? Do PM expects every one to declare themself as gods? Do he expects every one to donate some money by collecting more from others in the name of god.

Like this I have seen so many comments in TV today. These TV channels became like Viruses. It is good Virus or Bad Virus, they just help you spread everywhere in very short time.

I am not saying against the so called ‘Saibaba’. I believe he must be a great person(if not good person). Otherwise it is impossible to have somany followers(Even if we know 99% of them are stupid).

I have seen somany great people becoming slaves of their stupid minds. It is essential to protect the health of our society, otherwise it will effect our future.

Finally I close with the following rant..

What ever you do, in the name of god, or in the name of other person, you are doing a sin. Please stop worshiping gods, or at least stop worshiping other people. There is no benefit of such worship on our society.