Even though no one have suggested much in reply to my previous post, I started some changes my self.

Today I went for morning jogging/running. Hope to continue it always. For that I need to get up at 6AM for that I need to sleep before 11PM.

So the changes for today are….

  • Sleep before 11PM
  • Get up before 6AM
  • Go for Running or do Exercises

Oh  wait, Sleep before 11PM means no second shows. Is it possible? I don’t think so. My wife will kill me. Anyway as we don’t see more than two per month, I think we can getup late on those days.

Wish me strength to maintain the consistency. I strongly believe consistency is crucial in life. If we have it, we are kings.

what do you like me to do?

There are lot of things I should have done, but did not do till now. There are lot of things I wanted to do but did not do yet. There is a lot which I should not have done, but was done.

I want to know if there is any one who can spend 15min or so thinking for me, and tell me what to do. My goal is simple. I want to be a happy man, responcible towards society, and rich at the same time. Other than this I hope you may have some idea of what I want anyway. And there are things which you can tell to anyone without knowing anything about them.

Here are some things which I think I should be working on…

  • Improve Health
  • Enjoy most of the time
  • Get some friends, who can spend time thinking about me
  • Increase social participation
  • Increase investments in Business & Technology

And the order or priority is also as mentioned.

Now, the question is, tell me what I should be doing. If you need any more information, send me a mail or msg. I will contact you and will get your suggestions directly. If you want to keep them private, send to my mail id. Else post them here.


It seems many have misunderstood what I am asking here. I am not asking you to change the priorities that I have listed here. I am not asking to choose some of them.
What I am actually asking is to tell me what I need to do to achieve all above points.
For example
Increase Health: Get up at 6AM, Do exercises, Don’t drink cool drinks, Become Vegetarian etc..
Enjoy most of the time: Read so and so book, Mediate for some time, See so and so director movies, Get friends etc.

As you see, I am asking for specific things to do. Things I should be able to do if I choose to. Clear specific steps of what to do and what not to do. Do not tell me generic steps which have multiple meanings and multiple interpretations.