This too shall pass

Ramesh told me this 2 days back as a summary of the all the knowledge in one sentence. Yes, I agree with it.

I have tried to use Facebook many times, stopped using in between and again went to it. But I was never happy. The problem which you all may know is ….

Every friend is same. What I post will be shared with every one. Which is useless for 90% of my friends. At any time I post things which are relevant only to 10 to 15 % my friends.

I have tried to see if there is any groups concept. I was not able find.

Then I thought if there is some thing to beet FB, then I think some thing which provides this feature. And I am right.

I believe that Google+ is exactly what I have been waiting for. And there will be massive shift of users from Facebook to Google+. It will reach Facebook user levels in a rapid speed, a speed 10 times faster than the Android adoption.

Then I thought, Is it possible that Facebook introduces this features sooner and save some users? I don’t think that is possible. People are happy with the thought of moving on. They need some thing to move on to. It is in our nature. And I don’t think it is easy for FB to imitate Google+. It is not technical issue, it is philosophy.

That is why I said “This too shell pass” (Facebook).

Eagerly waiting for Google+ account.

Lessions from the Movies: The Miracle Worker(1962)

This is the movie which I think have inspired “Black”. It is a story of a teacher’s struggle for teaching language for a girl who is blind and deaf.

  1. Look for long term benefits before looking at short term pleasures.
  2. We are heavily influenced by the parents. So we need to be extra careful when we become parents.
  3. With determination, it is possible to change people. But most of the time we lack the authority and will.



Lessons from Movie: Roman Holiday (1953)

Wonderful movie seen in recent times. Some times I wonder may be I belong to past than present. Story is about a young princess who wants to get out for a day from her boring routine. I don’t know why our movies lack the seriousness and integrity which is exist in movies taken 50 years before. I laughed so many times in that movie, but there is a no single comedy scene as we expect it.

  1. Enjoy the life, and make it beautiful.
  2. There is a lot of pleasure in love, or even in the pain of love. It is worth to fall in love.
  3. You will not get everything you want in life. But still we need to move on.
  4. And a good movie is worth 10 times than an average movie. I wonder why the rates are same?



Lessons from Movie: 100% Love

Even though I will not recommend any one to watch this movie, there is still some thing you can learn from this stupid movie.

  1. Do not watch a movie just because every one says it is good. 🙂 Many people have told that this movie is good. For me it is completely opposite. One of the stupid movie in recent times.
  2. If you love some one, say it directly. There are some people whom I like(Yes, Girls only). Lets see, when I will be able tell them.
  3. No matter how beautiful it seems, stupids things are stupid. For example, marrying a blood relative is very bad for kids. It is a kind of sin in my view. And it must be avoided in all cases. I certainly hate this movie for that one point.
  4. Think about others also. I don’t know how they become hero & heroine when they have played with the lives of other people, just because of their stupidity.



It is the main act that many people associate me with. Till now it was the primary way of expressing my unhappiness. In my last post I said I am trying to control it.

Seems like other than at home I was successful so far. Now at home also I will practice this. Next time I shout, my wife will get what ever she wants on the next day. Seems like a pretty good idea for me. Lets see how many occasions she will get me to do things I don’t want to do.


Biggest Change

If there is some thing that I ever wanted to change in me, it is my tendency of getting angry with people. There are two sides of me. One side I think I am much more patient than many other people in many situations. Other side I know that I am very much impatient when dealing with some situations.

I want to change myself in the way I express my unhappyness to others.

It does not mean that I don’t express unhappyness. It only means the way of expression will be much more easy to handle for others.

I have some plans of  how to do it. Do you have any suggestions? What do you do when you get angry? Or when your expectations are not met by others?