Lessons from Movie: 100% Love

Even though I will not recommend any one to watch this movie, there is still some thing you can learn from this stupid movie.

  1. Do not watch a movie just because every one says it is good. 🙂 Many people have told that this movie is good. For me it is completely opposite. One of the stupid movie in recent times.
  2. If you love some one, say it directly. There are some people whom I like(Yes, Girls only). Lets see, when I will be able tell them.
  3. No matter how beautiful it seems, stupids things are stupid. For example, marrying a blood relative is very bad for kids. It is a kind of sin in my view. And it must be avoided in all cases. I certainly hate this movie for that one point.
  4. Think about others also. I don’t know how they become hero & heroine when they have played with the lives of other people, just because of their stupidity.