This too shall pass

Ramesh told me this 2 days back as a summary of the all the knowledge in one sentence. Yes, I agree with it.

I have tried to use Facebook many times, stopped using in between and again went to it. But I was never happy. The problem which you all may know is ….

Every friend is same. What I post will be shared with every one. Which is useless for 90% of my friends. At any time I post things which are relevant only to 10 to 15 % my friends.

I have tried to see if there is any groups concept. I was not able find.

Then I thought if there is some thing to beet FB, then I think some thing which provides this feature. And I am right.

I believe that Google+ is exactly what I have been waiting for. And there will be massive shift of users from Facebook to Google+. It will reach Facebook user levels in a rapid speed, a speed 10 times faster than the Android adoption.

Then I thought, Is it possible that Facebook introduces this features sooner and save some users? I don’t think that is possible. People are happy with the thought of moving on. They need some thing to move on to. It is in our nature. And I don’t think it is easy for FB to imitate Google+. It is not technical issue, it is philosophy.

That is why I said “This too shell pass” (Facebook).

Eagerly waiting for Google+ account.