What I expect from my friend?

Like most of other people I do expect the or or more of the following from my friends.

  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Consistency
  • Trust
  • Entertainment

Let me explain each one a little.


I am basically a dreamer. I dream to do some thing. But may not be putting my total effort into it. If my friend is doing some thing like that, it will be a lot of inspiration for me. It might be in any category*. I love to copy. What i am is almost because of what I copied from others.


This used to be very big point for me till now. But now it is reducing its importance. Because what ever we want to know is almost there on Google. But it is still a very big thing for me. A friend should be a source of some knowledge(The one I care about).


Even with all these knowledge we can not do good without proper wisdom. It is nothing to do what what we know. It is all about applying what we already know. How we react to simple and complex things. This is what makes character of a person. I expect wisdom from my friends.


Without it, we are sure that we will not reach our goals. We 100 things try 1 but that too we don’t do it as we thought of doing. We say one thing and ignore it after some days. Here is where I need help from a friend. If I say some thing which I can not do, then better they force me to think twice. And once I said I will do, better they force me to stick with it. Of course it is very difficult to decide when to force and when to allow. That requires wisdom on their part.


Without it we don’t call it friendship right. We must have absolute trust on each others words and deeds (Not abilities).


A source of entertainment. We spend a lot of time thinking of how to enjoy, but most of the times we don’t find any. A good discussion with a friend is a very good source of entertainment. There can be many other things too.