Is this corruption?

There is an article in IBNLive Blog which asks an important question. What is corrupt act and what is not? Where should we draw the line.

Corruption is closely related to rules and transparency. You put a wrong rule and remove transparency, every one will do that corrupt act without even thinking. You create a system where it is impossible to do the right act, or doing right act takes lot of time or money, then people will go and doing it wrong way.

So the Govt should find all these places with the following properties.. and make it steps to address them carefully.

  • No transparency of anything.
  • Right way is 100 times difficult than way.
  • Is it basic fundamental right?(passport, gas, ticket)
  • More than 30% do it in wrong way.

If a country is less corrupt then it has the following things in place, and because of them the corruption is less.

  • Judiciary is fast and laws are strict
  • There is no need for any corrupt act for 90% of daily needs of a person.
  • Transparency is very high.
  • Govt does not involve in business.
  • Police does not need to listen to Politician.

Out of all this only Transparency is enough to remove every thing. Make every act transparent. Now see who will pay bribes, or who will take.