Political Diary

Try Try Try even if you fail again and again. I really believe in that. If we stop just because we have failed before, we will never be able to anything. So even after my previous attempt to do some thing for Loksatta Party have failed, I am trying to do some thing again this time.

My new initiative is to maintain a website(unbiased) for record keeping in politics. Yes it is for “RECORD KEEPING”. I want to record daily activities of political leaders, what they do, what they say in a organized searchable, comparable way.


As I belong to IT industry, I want to contribute to the political world in this way.

The task is too big, very difficult, but not impossible. It is not possible to do it by one person. I need help from every person who can help me. So check the website(what ever you see now is done in <8 hours). If you think you can help me, contact me. Or even if you want to help me, but don’t know if you can or not, then also send me a message.