Is it just the cost? or people getting wise?

Last year we could hardly hear our TV sound between 9 to 10 Diwali day. We were pissed off and turned TV off. But this year, we could hardly tell that it is Diwali day at 10:30. It was complete silence at that time.

I am sure people have burnt < 50% of what they did last year. I am not sure what is the reason. Is it just that cost of crackers went high? or people getting wise?

Anyway I am happy, less sound pollution, and less money wasted.

Do you need a lift?

If there is a question that I wanted to ask most to others and did not ask that is it. “DO YOU NEED A LIFT?”

On an average I get a chance to ask this question every day. But I almost never asked. I know that other person needs a lift. They know that I know(Assumption). I expect them to ask. They almost never ask. I think that they think that I wont give.

Whose responsibility is to break that loop? Do I have to wait until they ask?

When ever I was walking other than for the sake of walking, I always expected some one would ask that. But I know no one will ask. I hesitate to ask then for lift. I hope every one is thinking same.

Now lets think that I have changed, do you like some stranger in 30+ age stop by and ask “Do you need a lift?” what is the probability that you will agree? What if you are a Female(all ages)? What do you think about that person?

Please share your views… I have been thinking about it for very long time, I want to find a solution soon.

What is enjoyment?

It happened many times. Many people said that I should stop thinking more and enjoy. Or stop doing some thing else that they thought I am doing and start enjoy life.

I don’t really know what they really mean by enjoyment. I define enjoyment as follows..

You have 5 to 10 times more money than what your present average is, and you still don’t change some thing that you are doing, then I say you are enjoying doing it.

For example, if your job is X and some one pays you 5 times your salary to do Y, but you still want to do X, then you enjoy doing it. That means while doing X you enjoy.

Simple is in’t it? Now fortunately for me, it is almost 90% of what I do. For some people it is going out on road. For some it is some thing else. For me, it is what I am doing already. I didn’t get much enjoyment when I saw Charminar for the first time(after 10 years in hyd). So each person gets enjoyment in different way.

So those people who keep suggesting that I should enjoy more, thank you for your concern, I really appreciate your intentions. But I am already enjoying my life.

Thinking from other person’s point of view

I think there is some thing wrong in our culture when it comes to thinking about other people. May be I am exaggerating the issue.. But let me explain

We see Hero in movie takes money from all kinds of people and keeps running from them. We have seen it in many comedy movies. (Just now I was watching one of such movie). I wonder why we really enjoy that part. I know that we do enjoy, every one does. But why? Does cheating some one makes us happy? Does getting cheated makes some one happy? I am sure it wont.

If we see from the other person’s point view surly more than 90% of comedy films do not create any comedy.

Is this kind of behavior is inherent in our nature? Or is it some thing we acquire on the way?

I will surly do some experiments with kids(when they are available 🙂 ) to findout about it.


When we are wrong…

Some time back I have written a blog post that says that G+ is going to replace Facebook faster than anything. As many of you already seen it, I am totally wrong. Now the question is why did I thought it would happen first of all. May be it will happen in future, but how can we say it.

I don’t know what all features G+ is going to put into it. I don’t know how Facebook is going react to any of the features in G+. I don’t know in any sense what people want.(except what I want).

Now I see that the following are the reasons why I said what I said.

  • For some reason, I was thinking that Facebook is evil, and Google is better than it.
  • I have assumed that Google will do what I always thought, But I totally forgot, that what I wanted is a just a single feature that any one can do.
  • Assumed that many people will think like me.
  • It is almost impossible to predict the feature. Which I neglected.

Lets hope I will not do the same mistake again…