Do you need a lift?

If there is a question that I wanted to ask most to others and did not ask that is it. “DO YOU NEED A LIFT?”

On an average I get a chance to ask this question every day. But I almost never asked. I know that other person needs a lift. They know that I know(Assumption). I expect them to ask. They almost never ask. I think that they think that I wont give.

Whose responsibility is to break that loop? Do I have to wait until they ask?

When ever I was walking other than for the sake of walking, I always expected some one would ask that. But I know no one will ask. I hesitate to ask then for lift. I hope every one is thinking same.

Now lets think that I have changed, do you like some stranger in 30+ age stop by and ask “Do you need a lift?” what is the probability that you will agree? What if you are a Female(all ages)? What do you think about that person?

Please share your views… I have been thinking about it for very long time, I want to find a solution soon.