Thinking from other person’s point of view

I think there is some thing wrong in our culture when it comes to thinking about other people. May be I am exaggerating the issue.. But let me explain

We see Hero in movie takes money from all kinds of people and keeps running from them. We have seen it in many comedy movies. (Just now I was watching one of such movie). I wonder why we really enjoy that part. I know that we do enjoy, every one does. But why? Does cheating some one makes us happy? Does getting cheated makes some one happy? I am sure it wont.

If we see from the other person’s point view surly more than 90% of comedy films do not create any comedy.

Is this kind of behavior is inherent in our nature? Or is it some thing we acquire on the way?

I will surly do some experiments with kids(when they are available 🙂 ) to findout about it.