What is enjoyment?

It happened many times. Many people said that I should stop thinking more and enjoy. Or stop doing some thing else that they thought I am doing and start enjoy life.

I don’t really know what they really mean by enjoyment. I define enjoyment as follows..

You have 5 to 10 times more money than what your present average is, and you still don’t change some thing that you are doing, then I say you are enjoying doing it.

For example, if your job is X and some one pays you 5 times your salary to do Y, but you still want to do X, then you enjoy doing it. That means while doing X you enjoy.

Simple is in’t it? Now fortunately for me, it is almost 90% of what I do. For some people it is going out on road. For some it is some thing else. For me, it is what I am doing already. I didn’t get much enjoyment when I saw Charminar for the first time(after 10 years in hyd). So each person gets enjoyment in different way.

So those people who keep suggesting that I should enjoy more, thank you for your concern, I really appreciate your intentions. But I am already enjoying my life.