When we are wrong…

Some time back I have written a blog post that says that G+ is going to replace Facebook faster than anything. As many of you already seen it, I am totally wrong. Now the question is why did I thought it would happen first of all. May be it will happen in future, but how can we say it.

I don’t know what all features G+ is going to put into it. I don’t know how Facebook is going react to any of the features in G+. I don’t know in any sense what people want.(except what I want).

Now I see that the following are the reasons why I said what I said.

  • For some reason, I was thinking that Facebook is evil, and Google is better than it.
  • I have assumed that Google will do what I always thought, But I totally forgot, that what I wanted is a just a single feature that any one can do.
  • Assumed that many people will think like me.
  • It is almost impossible to predict the feature. Which I neglected.

Lets hope I will not do the same mistake again…