Some times doing good is also evil

Yesterday Emami’s AMRI, today Regency Ceramics one thing is clear, there are limits to thinking about others too. One must first secure their position and then only think about other person. Otherwise the other person whom we are worried about may destroy us.

Government should protect industries, because they are what makes India a developing country. It is a very dangerous situation we are in now. Without protection to industries who will invest in the state? and how will state develop without investment?

And how little the coverage of this incident in the media? No one caring what happened to industries which closed due to such incidents.

Anyway, if I am in similar situation and have to protect my investment, I will not hesitate to make the extreme step which ever it may be. I will surly not forgive people who are trying to destroy me just because they are ignorant. Ignorance is an excuse. I will not leave, I will surly teach them what I wanted to tell, no matter what the way may be.


Problems, Solutions and Commitment

After clear observation of so many actions I thought of taken, so many ideas I wanted to implement and all people around, I see that it is only “commitment” that is needed from any one to do almost anything.

You want to do good in job? Or setup a business, or be a doctor or something else, what ever it is all we need is commitment.

We have so many problems for doing every thing. Money, Time, Health, friends, contacts or some thing else, we say we don’t have. Solutions to all those problems are also there, infact we have many solutions to every single problem we have.

So why we are not taking the solutions and implementing? because we lack commitment. If we have commitment, one of the solution will surly be found and we can move on. As long as problem is not Commitment, there is no problem at all.

Even though I have so many dreams, I want to commit to one thing, Give the world the best accounting software. Better than anything else. After that I will look into my other dreams. But I will keep dreaming.