Installing rvm on Ubuntu 10.04

When I was trying to install rvm on our ubuntu server I got the error.

configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables

Luckily after 30min of searching I found

By doing “apt-get install build-essential” every thing worked perfectly

Loksatta and Voters

Recent bi-elections for Kovur and Mahabubnagar in Andhra Pradesh made me realize one thing, I am too optimistic or the state is in a very very bad condition than I thought.

Here are some numbers.


Total Votes Polled: 175,913

Loksatta Votes: 1,585


Total Votes Polled:  125,002

Loksatta Votes: 455

That means Loksatta got 0.9% and 0.3% of votes. Now they need at least 25% of votes to have any chance of winning. But that means the number of people who want to vote for Loksatta have to increase by 25 to 100 times.

There are around 10 Engineering Collages in Mahabubnagar district. I am sure that there will be more than 2000 engineering students only from that place having right to vote. Even if half of them voted for Loksatta then they will get 1,000 votes.

Very depressing situation. I am not worried about Loksatta. I am worried about what all these people are thinking.

Businesses that I hate

Over last 10 years I have seen many kind of businesses. Here are some example businesses that I hate. I am not going to take any name now, but I will explain the basic principle of how they operate.

  1. They make a product that most customers never use, but they buy it because every one else is buying.
  2. Product takes Rs x to make and takes Rs 10x to market, and sell for Rs 20x
  3. Client needs some thing to be done. Any one can do it for Rs x. But they don’t know. This company says they can do it for Rs 10x, and spend Rs 5x on useless costs and make ‘nx’ profit(does not matter what n is)
  4. Company profit directly proportional to the stupidity of its customers.
  5. Give salary of 100,000/- per month for doing what a Rs 10,000 person can do.
  6. Give anything beyond 30,000/- per month without  responsibility of managing other employee.
  7. Make money by cheating Govt or customers.
  8. Get a project by giving bribe to govt officials.
  9. Very big company with billions in market cap, but does some of the above.
  10. Hire A and give Rs 2x to 5x salary to him, and reject to give even  Rs x salary to B even when A, B are of same talent.

I will update this if I find more examples.


Today I logged in to my linked in and saw one funny thing.

I see a update from one of my connection that says

XXXX has sent 7300 IMs using Digsby! ”

XXXX is my connection name obfuscated.

Why will you post this in a professional network? do you want your new employers to think that you use IM all the time?

More funny is why will Digsby is using this strategy to expand? That too in LinkedIn? May be because there are more stupids to fall for that.