Businesses that I hate

Over last 10 years I have seen many kind of businesses. Here are some example businesses that I hate. I am not going to take any name now, but I will explain the basic principle of how they operate.

  1. They make a product that most customers never use, but they buy it because every one else is buying.
  2. Product takes Rs x to make and takes Rs 10x to market, and sell for Rs 20x
  3. Client needs some thing to be done. Any one can do it for Rs x. But they don’t know. This company says they can do it for Rs 10x, and spend Rs 5x on useless costs and make ‘nx’ profit(does not matter what n is)
  4. Company profit directly proportional to the stupidity of its customers.
  5. Give salary of 100,000/- per month for doing what a Rs 10,000 person can do.
  6. Give anything beyond 30,000/- per month without  responsibility of managing other employee.
  7. Make money by cheating Govt or customers.
  8. Get a project by giving bribe to govt officials.
  9. Very big company with billions in market cap, but does some of the above.
  10. Hire A and give Rs 2x to 5x salary to him, and reject to give even  Rs x salary to B even when A, B are of same talent.

I will update this if I find more examples.