My Birthday Gift

As the part of my commitment to change systems for better, and in-trun change it better for me, I am supporting Loksatta Party and its agenda. As of now I am busy in proving my skills and trying to become a success. Due to that reason I am not able to support or invest full time for my cause. As I explained in my previous post, I believe changing education system will bring a long lasting change to the system for the better. Once I am successful, I will go full time into bringing that change.

As of now what I can do is to give what ever external support I can afford to give. Tomorrow(June 1st) is my birthday. Many of you might already know that I don’t wish others actively on birthday. My reason is that there are just words, but we know what we all want. I know all of you want to wish lot of success and happiness to me on my birthday. Same is true for your birthday too, or infact anyday if we consider.

For a change for this birthday, I am proposing the following. I want all those people who wishes me good lucks or happiness, please give support to Loksatta Party, and donate any amount you like starting from Rs50/-. What ever amount you are going to donate/invest, that much amount I am going in invest to Loksatta too. That means of all my friends who sees this wants to donate 5k or 10k, I am going to match that much amount from my purse. I will collect from you and will donate on your behalf, or you can do directly. As my resources are limited, and for safe side I want to put a maximum limit on this total as Rs50k. That means up to 50k I am going to match your amount.

I think there is no need for explaining why I choose Loksatta instead of some other party. But If you are not sure, do leave a comment, and I will explain why.

This idea is also useful for me to test in what kind of circle I am in. I hope you guys don’t disappoint me.