Where is the Action? – Part2

Well, I know it is not easy to express what all I think on this aspect, so I am continuing with this post. To help me, I am going to use the comment I got for my first post. Many other people also may be thinking same as those expressed in that comment, hence here is my reply to it.

1. We are all selfish. All humans are. And it is not wrong. And to say don’t waste time & money going to temples or donating there is like telling don’t watch movies. God is a source of strength for some people. And let them find their own ways to deal with their strengths. So let it be there.

Right, we are all selfish. Saying don’t waste money by going to temple or donating etc, is like don’t watch movies. I agree. God is a source of some thing they need. Like a tonic, or a tablet, or Birayani. But I don’t think every one is looking at this in that way. If they are, then I am perfectly fine with it. I think many people believe that it is some thing more, some thing that makes us think not just about us, but about people around us too. I thought some religions say that caring and helping others is better than eating Biryani, or going to temple.

2. Root cause identification is dependent on how we look at it. To say that politics is the root cause; I do not agree though I feel that it is one area which needs change yes; but not root cause. Perhaps there is no root cause at all. It is a set of things going wrong. To say if politics change all problems get solved. I doubt that. There could be development but not change in the society which would solve all the problems you have stated above.

I agree that there is no single root cause. But when I say root cause, I mean the cause, on which if we invest now will give the maximum ROI. May be the word ‘root’ is wrong choice here. What I mean is “Maximum ROI Cause”. Yet, if some of you think that it is not the Maximum ROI cause, then some thing else is. We may not all have to agree on what that cause is. Still my basic argument is still valid. Where is the Action?

3. Having seen highly educated people do things just the wrong I doubt that would help too. May be this is cynicism. That’s why we fill petrol tanks if the cost increases and vote for the TDP’s and the Congress. Because we do not see a better option and we don’t have a hope of seeing the result without it being misused somewhere in the middle. If I give a Re to the beggar; even if he is fake and would use it for drinking I know for sure some middle man wont build an empire out of 50 paise in that.

There is another angle which I did not mentioned in my last post on why I want to invest in politics to change education. Yes being in politics, we can change who can get education etc. That is only one side of my plan/hope. I believe politics can also define what is education. It has the power to define what you are going to read in your books, and what is being thought in the schools.  I am very unhappy about the state of education in the country or for that matter anywhere in the world. I am very happy with Maths, Science or History etc. But I am very unhappy about the study of Business, Ethics, Humanity, Religion, Reasoning and other similar subjects. I believe anyone who has proper grip on these aspects can rule the world even without other things like Maths, Science etc. Because foundation is important for some things, Maths no matter when you learn is same. But Ethics, Humanity, Religion etc are not same. If you do not teach them at early age, you can almost never teach them. I want to bring these subjects in to our syllabus, and remove some useless stuff.(we had lot of argument on one of them before). How can you not have Ethics, Business as a subject is beyond my understanding. I believe that they should be in every year from 1st to 10th with increasing complexity.

If there is one wish some one can grant to me, it will be this. I am willing to invest significant % of my assets on this cause.

If you tell me Lok Satta is the alternative then:
As an active netizen I have not seen anywhere any demonstration of what work they are doing. There is no reason for me to believe them. And if a Lok Satta party candidate contests in my area beyond JP I doubt their credentials. And like TDP ran because of NTR and Congress because of YSR; LSP cannot run on the single shoulder of JPN. It is not right also. In a day when we have allegations against every individual in the society; education and words fail to make us believe in the good intentions of any person. We dont believe them forget invest in them for a better society.

I hope not everyone feels as hopeless as the above comments suggest.
Let us consider the scenario: You got cancer, and you know you got cancer, every one knows you got cancer. But you don’t believe in any doctor personally. You believe that almost all doctors are evil, and they will try to rip your money in the name of the cure. Now, what do you do? Actually you have 3 options.

  1. You shut yourself in your home, and you die after some days due to cancer.
  2. You become a doctor yourself and cure yourself.
  3. You find a doctor whom you trust most compared to other doctors.  And pay him some fee and get your self some treatment. If he is not good enough, switch to next best hope.

I believe that the above example is exactly similar to the problem we are discussing. And according to what I understand, the comments above tells that they would choose option 1. That is to die with the cancer. I am not sure how that would be a better solution?

Seems like there is a 4th option too “Do daily exercise and keep yourself fit, so in that way may be you will live little longer than you would be otherwise.” Those who wants to choose that 4th option, hmm, give me a call first.

For the specific reason I have not mentioned any party name or any leader name. I wanted others to choose their Party & Leaders. There will be other argument later on who is better leader or party.

The main reason why I thought of writing these posts on this topic is this…we all know there are problems, we all complain about them, but don’t just sit there and hope that some miracle will happen. There is no solution that is perfect. But choose a solution that you think is better than other. If you disagree with my Best ROI option, then tell me what is yours and why(with some logic atleast)? And what you are going to do about it?