Where is the Action?

We all know that there are lot of problems affecting our society at present. All of us have faced those tough situations in one way or other. Here are some of the examples

  • Poverty and lack of basic health care
  • Lack of enough women in workforce
  • Corruption and proper governance
  • Education and Employment
  • City & Rural Infrastructure
  • Care for elderly mainly for poor people

I am sure many of us have faced these issues. But did we take any action? I believe that most of us does not know what and how they can solve these problems, and some of us who knows what to do also, did not do it.

Each of these problems are some how connected to one other. If we want to solve a problem that might be the caused by many other factors, we need to consider the root cause of  those problems. It may be business or social service I believe the investment should be kept based on the ROI(Return on Investment). ROI will be higher if we invest in curing the root problem. But doing so needs patience and long term planning. When we are sick, and we take medicine to give temporary relief, and ignore the long term cure, the problem will come again and our ROI will be less. Some times short term relief is also needed, otherwise the patient will not continue the long term treatment.

I want to show here that all above problems have some root cause and I will show where the maximum ROI can be obtained in solving that problem. (this is my opinion, yours may be different)

  • Poverty and lack of basic health care
    Poverty -> Employment -> Education -> Govt Policy on Education -> Government  -> Politics
    -> Industrial & Economic Policy of Government  ->Government -> Politics
    Basic Health Care -> Poverty
    -> Govt Health Care Policy -> Government
  • Lack of enough women in workforce ->Education ==> Politics
  • Corruption and proper governance -> Politics
  • Education and Employment -> Education ==> Politics
  • City & Rural Infrastructure -> Governance -> Government -> Politics
  • Care for elderly mainly for poor people -> Education

As you see most of our problems are based on Politics. Now What is the cause of bad politics. I believe that it is the silence or stupidity of the educated people.

How many of us might have spent 1k to 10k for trips to temples, or just donated to beggars etc. I believe most of might have. Most of us believe going to Place of worship  like (Thirupathi, or Shirdi, or some other place) is a personal issue. It is like they get happiness. Now that means that it is a completely selfish act. It will be of no benefit to anyone else other than you. I don’t know of any God or Book of religion which prioritizes selfish acts over social service. Now there are two groups here. Those who spend money for selfish religions reasons, and some do that and plus some social services.

Now, if you are interested in social services and have worried about some of the above things I mentioned, what did you do till now. If you have not done anything, what is the reason? If you do not have any reason, is it not the time to act?
So let us take action now. Do some thing to cure above deceases. But remember to make sure that your ROI is higher.

According to me, the ROI will be higher only when we invest in “Politics”. I do not suggest the same to all of you even though I should. My reason is my fear. I have came across lot of educated and intelligent people. But I see that some of them are still finding logic in voting to Congress, TDP, or some other party like YSR Congress etc. So think not all of those are capable of making correct investment in Politics. For those who do, I suggest to invest in Politics.

Politics is the only medium through which we can bring the massive changes in the society. For me there is another reason for investing in Politics.

Education is the root cause of bad politics. So we should invest in Education. But as of now it is controlled by Government, and that is by Politics. So it is a circle. So we need to invest in politics, to bring better education, that in trun bring better politics.

I do not believe that giving employment or money to poor will make then think better and start making better decisions. Only way to bring that is through education.

I want to change education, because I believe that it is in the worst possible state right now.

I know some of us, who think these are small issues and the speed of growth and globalization will settle all of these over a period of time. I am not that much optimistic. We know stupid laws passed by stupid politicians, and some day they will be bad enough that even if you wanted to do some thing good, they will not allow you.

So if you are complaining about things, fist please invest in cure, and then talk about the problem. If you don’t know what is the best ROI possible, please invest in the next best solution. There will be some solution even if it is not the best, so not investing anything and hoping that you will find the better investment later is foolish.

Contact me if you are ready for investment and want to argue with me on which one will give best ROI.