My Dream of Smart Machines

I have a document which I have written 2 years back which explains how the system should work and how software development should work, in the era of smart phones.

Thanks it is almost a reality now. It is available for Android now, and soon will be available for other OS also I believe.

My dream does like this:

My smart phone and my PC , Laptop, Tablet should in in Sync and should be aware of each other. Mobile can detect where I am and what I am doing and tell that info to other devices. It can detect where my house it, where my office is, based on time and place. And it can detect if I am walking or driving. (It is already possible now). All this information is shared in common database with all other applications. Applications will know who I am, my age, profession, my position etc. My desktop will automatically sleep if I am out of office, and my home PC will be active automatically when I reach home. They can detect how many rooms I have and in which room I sleep etc. they can detect in which room they are now. Programs will be in scripting languages, and in a way that any one can change or view them. Programs can be downloaded, ranked in central repository. You can have trusted friends, so that you can trust the programs they are using etc. (ie. like I can trust every program that Bill Gates is using).

Almost every thing here is possible, and most of it is possible now using On{x}. They may not have thought the possibilities yes, but I am sure it will lead to a revolution.

Main factor for such a dream to come true is the API provided by the OS. If OS does not allow anything and does not trust any program to do anything, then this dream will not work. So bring the concept of trusted program, and  build network of trust. Please don’t make island of apps which will not be able to do anything on their own.