Education Business and nonsense

I have been hearing others saying that “Some people have converted Education into Business” and they are feeling bad about it. And unfortunately even the Loksatta Party president JP is also one of them.

I completely differ from the views of JP. I think JP lacks a clear view of what is a business and what is a role of business in nation building. If there is no role for business in Education, then the country will be struggling to provide enough talent to the any sector let alone IT. Every IT person in Andhra Pradesh knows what is role of business in Education when he thinks of all the training centers in Ameerpet. I know most of them are shit(interms of quality) but they are doing some thing they can and people are going there to get some thing they don’t have.

Is Govt capable of replacing all the private collages with govt collages and provide the quality education?  Does JP expect all the collage owners to do philanthropy  and offer education for free?

He was citing that State High Court have said the same. What nonsense, what does State High Court know about business and education. What ever State High Court says is true?

Any activity with economic incentive will become a business. It may be legal or illegal. Instead of talking about what is illegal in education business, And how they should be addressed by new laws or govt programs, just saying that” education is becoming business” is a very irresponsible statement from High court and JP.

It seems like JP did not learn a bit from the conversations with mystic. (I don’t want JP to follow every thing Jaggi Vasudev said, but I believe there is some thing to learn)