Indian Media: What Govt should do?

I just happened to listen to a Telugu news channel for some time. I was really pissed off with the attitude of the Media and also most of general public.

AP State Govt have introduced laws which will allow “Contract Forming” to be legal. There are rules under which a former can make a deal with a corporation and sell his/her goods to them on a pre agreed price.

Now, this channel is finding all the stupid reasons and telling all this is bad. Crazy thing is, all this is at the will of  a former. If formers don’t like the agreement, they can do what they are doing already. But still this media is saying that govt should allow former to cultivate what ever they want, and govt should give support price for it no matter how the output is. I could not listen to this logic less arguments.

In general they this “Govt should give free money to all formers”.

Conclusion: There are people without brains, lots of them. We have to keep educating those when ever possible and have to learn the way to live between then without causing a problem(to us or them)