New Perspective

After listening to Jaggi Vasudev my perspective of the world have changed to some extent. I would suggest every one who reads my blog to listen to him once. I do not know if any of his spiritual teachings are any good for me, and as of now I have no interest in them.

I am very much impressed with his logic on most of the aspects of the life. I do not say what ever he says is true. Other than the spiritual aspects, I think I am in sync with his views. There may be some differences, but in general I think I agree with him.

After listening to him, I have realized the mistakes I am doing in my thought process. Now I can say that I am more open, more willing to try things, less judgement on people, more willing to accept any reality etc.

Note: He does repeat a lot of things in most of conversations, try to bare with that. That is mainly because his thinks the root of most of the problems are same.