Food for Thought: What are your first 10 questions in school?

We have a play school beside our office, so I do hear their voices. Mostly teacher makes the kids repeat her in songs or poems etc.

I got a question, when does a person/kid start asking questions? What is the minimum age for even forming a question? What will those first questions be?

So think about it. I am sure most of you do not remember what your first questions are, so let me know at least 10 or 5 probable questions that sound realistic.

Hmm, what about me? okey will try to come up with some questions in this weekend.

Politics & Financial Rewards

Politics should be financially rewarding, otherwise why will any sane person will try that job? having said that, how much should those rewards be?

Recently there is a news saying that Govt is building apartments for Rajya Sabha members at the cost of 2crores per apartment in Delhi. Now we all know what you can get at 2crores in Delhi. Most probably a very decent apartment. Even in Hyderabad they are costing 50lakh for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Now if you can not even give an apartment for a MP why should he become a MP and fight for your rights? Why should he sacrifice all his career and go into politics in first place. There is no certainty that his job is secure, that is the most un secure job you can find.

It is another point that those people are already rich before they go into politics. But that is irrelevant. Provided there is a person who left his job and went into politics to become a MP and do service to the country, don’t you think 2crores apartment is the very small cost? Each one of them is representing around 40lakh people. How many houses in the country do you think cost more than 2 crores? I think they will be more than 1 lakh. Only software engineers will be 50% of those list.

Now I heard a lot of people replying to that post saying that they are looting poor people. That might be an unfortunate truth, but that is nothing to do with the plan of building the apartment at 2 crores cost. They are worth it and I believe any person who becomes a MP should be rewarded in such a way that he should never have a financial problem for rest of his life even if he does not have any other income source. They should be able to live as a wealthy person until death.

Only when we put such situation, then a good person may quit his job and try politics as a career. Like people who try civils exams for more than 5 times. They do it because the rewards are that much big.

Useless education? or some other problem?

Recently one of my employee went home on 2 days leave. After 2 days her family members called me and informed me that she is sick and got Typhoid Fever. She will not be able to come for work for the rest of the week.

Quickly I searched what is Typhoid and how we get it.

Typhoid fever, also known as typhoid,[1] is a common worldwide bacterial disease, transmitted by the ingestion of food or water contaminated with the feces of an infected person, which contain the bacterium Salmonella typhi, serotype Typhi.”

So she might have got it through water. As she is not available to ask, I asked another employee

Q: What water do your family drink at home?

Ans: From the well

Q: Do they filter it?

Ans: No

Q: Do they boil it?

Ans: No

Okey, some thing is wrong here. Even if I assume that first employee just told me lie to get leave, it does seem like they are really drinking totally unsafe water. We have spent crores of rupees in advertisement saying filter and boil water before drinking, we have spent lot more on educating these people. But still some thing is missing.

My employees are actually very intelligent people. Otherwise they will not be able to work with me for more than 2 years. They are earning too, from last 2 years. They send money to home every month.

Why do my employees and other similar failed to do the first step that they are supposed to do with the education that they got? What is the purpose of education? It is to get software job and enjoy movies and buy a bike?

It seems like they think they are going to save their family by earning money. How can you save them with money when you even can’t make them drink safe water? You can afford a good hospital, but it costs almost nothing to avoid a hospital.

It does not cost even 2 movie tickets to boil water every day for the month. I am sure they watch more than 2 movies every month. They do even take leave to go to movie which actually costs them over Rs400/- per half day leave. I don’t blame them for enjoying. But some thing is really wrong here.

It feels like they see as education is nothing to do with what they do in life. I feel like they don’t even see information is some thing they need to use in day to day life.

I am not sure whom to blame.

I feel shame myself because I was not able to change them even after having 2 years with them.  It is really confusing to me. I don’t know what they believe and what they don’t believe. One thing is sure, they believe what ever their friends and their circle believe. And what they believe? What language to learn for better job, what movie is playing well, what company is hiring now, what bike I need to buy, hmm,

Note: Most of this is my experience, and my view on what they think may be wrong. If you know, let me know.

Veil: The new disease

I am not sure if all of you noticed or not, there is a new disease in the country(or at lease in Hyderabad). Fortunately it seems to be only affecting the females.

People affected by this disease choose to wear Veil over 20 to 30% of the upper body from top.

Here are some information about the disease…

  • Initially started by girls traveling on bikes
  • Slowly it started affecting people who travel by any vehicle
  • This disease affects the people severely impairing their logical reasoning ability
  • It also affects their perception of the environment
  • They loose ability to distinguish between day and night
  • They remain shy from every one and choose to wear veil as much as possible.
  • Some researches say that slowly it may have more dangerous consequences like people choosing to wear it at all times including when they sleep.
  • Doctors suggested that family members should first recognize the disease.
  • They also warn that a severe Vitamin-D deficiency may occur in people with Veil disease due to lack of sunlight on the skin.

Another researcher says that it is caused by the Traffic Police. He says that Traffic Police have started accepting Veil as an alternative to helmet, and that cause then to start wearing Veil initially. When asked about popular saying that “Veil is in response to growing air pollution” the researcher questions “If that is the case why air pollution is concern for male population? and why Veil is not used for children? ” He says even people in China with very high level of air pollution when compared to Hyderabad does not wear Veils. “It is clearly a disease”.


What are they doing?

Ministers in Andhra Pradesh are saying that YS did some thing in their back and they are not responsible for the wrong decisions they took. I don’t understand one thing.

If YS did some thing and they are not aware of it when they took the decision, what are they doing since then? Why they are saying it only now, only when they are being booked under the cases? Why not they come out when they got to know that things are changed behind their back?

Lets assume that they are afraid of YS and could not dare, why not they come out about it after YS’s death? It has been many years since YS’s death, what took them so long to come out?

Also why are they not telling what ever they think wrong happened at least now. Why are they only telling about things on which they are being arrested?

What is media doing? Why this media did not question all these things when the decisions were taken? Also what is opposition doing at that time? Why all of them are talking about it just now?

These ministers, if we assume that they got to know that things went wrong only now, do they really think they still have capacity to be a minister when they don’t know what is really happening behind their back?

And these people will only know the pain when govt increases the Taxes or when there is Inflation. Every other time, they enjoy voting the most corrupt people to the power.

If we show the most honest and sincere party, then they get 10001 doubts about integrity of every person in the party. They can not even imagine voting to honest person, because they have lost the ability to recognize what is honest because they them self have became dishonest.

My Dream of new Loksatta party website

For the record, all this is my dreams. None of this is officially approved or discussed with any one. I don’t know who else is working on various other things which I dream of replacing with this new site. So don’t blame me for dreaming, but any constructive criticism is highly welcome.

New website will have the following features

Streamlined Authorization to content

Now, there are more than 20 websites related to Loksatta. Once for each state, blogs for videos, and projects etc. Soon they will be 100 if we leave it like this.

New site will divide the website into a hierarchy. National Level, State Level, District Level, Ward Level. Also there will be sections that are divided based on Projects, Office Departments. It will allow users to create content (News, Posts) at all these levels. Users will have permissions to post in particular section only. People above that level have option to make that post appear in their section. For example if an post related to one activity in a district is done, that district level people will post that in their section. If it is good fit, then state level people will approve to make it visible in state level.

These permissions can be organized in hierarchy, and multiple people will have permission on once section where they have to collaborate. So website does not depend on any one person.


As of now there is no central place where I can see all the projects happening in Loksatta. I don’t know who is working in what project. Only when I know that information I will be able to offer my services or resources for it. So we need all projects listed and project team to update the progress in that section.

They will have information about events, next meetings, decisions etc all posted in the website rather than some blog.


Normally most contributors wants to make the contribution public. It will help others get inspired by it. So we need a members profile. From when I am a member and what I did for Loksatta. Otherwise there is no recognition, and without it people wont come to support us. So each member will have a profile and contribution information.

Central Ticketing System

Every task in the party must be routed through a ticketing system. If I asked some one for doing something, then there must be a pending ticket for that user until it is done. So every one else knows what we are doing, where the issues are pending, how we can solve pending issues.

Social Integration

There must be grater integration of the website with the social networks but it has to maintain the control of the community. With one click users should be able to make a post which is in the website appear in the Facebook page.

Accounting & Auditing

All accounting information should be publicly available and should be allowed for anyone to audit them. This is only possible when there is a section for that Office Department in the website and they are allowed to post what ever they like in that section.


Free Drupal7 CMS Training and Live project

These days I wanted to work on website and post it from Joomla CMS to Drupal 7 CMS. Main reason for is that Drupal 7 is much more powerful and it has power to become one stop place for all Loksatta related work.

Initially I wanted to keep the site exactly same as how it looks before. Then there will not be any problem for users(who ever uses it now) to move to new site. Once they move on to it, we will keep making incremental changes every day so that there is no sudden shift.

For doing this I need help, and only way I can get help it by helping others. So I have decided to teach who ever joins me in this work about Drupal 7. All you need to know is ability to use internet and read English. I will teach the rest of it. There is some programming needed, but that you can learn easily. I also need some CSS designers help, may be I can teach that too.

So what are you waiting for? Learn the most powerful free CMS out there, send me a message right away. BTW this is completely online course, so no need to come visit me. You can do it even if you are in US, UK, India or even in China. 🙂